Available Golden Doodles

Litter is planned for Feb. and is ready for April multi-generational mini.

All timeframes are estimates. Being the dogs only come into heat two times a year and a living animal, sometimes things go differently than,”    planned. The dog may not come into heat on schedule, may not conceive, and not all pregnancies will go to term. We can also have small litters. So, your patience is greatly appreciated. All great breeders with top-quality dogs are worth the wait, and we will always have a waitlist. 


We are planning several litters this spring to fall . Should have some flashy color and markings get on the list to ensure you get color and sex of your choose.

We are now taking applications and waiting list fees. The application and fee will place you on our waiting list for the breed and sex of your choice.  It is a 100.00 NO REFUNDABLE FEE with no exceptions. After each litter is born, we will contact families in the order of the applications. You have 48 hours to decide if this is the suitable litter for you and to secure your pup with the remainder of the balance of the deposit. The balance is due at the time of pick up.

The total deposit is 500.00 total

Payment options are: Cash only

check 534 Ambrose rd Home PA 15747

Please text me before or after depositing so I can place you on the waiting list. Balance is due at the time of pick up. The preferred method is CASH …






Shipping, delivery,”  or meeting you part-way is EXTRA. I have to hire someone to do it or watch the dogs.



food https://www.pawtree.com/plumcreek/myrecommendation/Plumcreek’s-Puppies-Going-Home- please allow one week for delivery. Please text Melissa when you want to pick up your baby. order food

Use code INTRO4U and receive 20% off up to 20.00 dollars off your first order. When you place on ezship


We partner with Baxter & Bella to offer my puppy’s parents a lifetime training company. Use code Plumcreek for 25% off lifetime training membership.







All pups receive the standard deworming every two weeks, are Microchipped soon after birth for ID, vaccinated at six weeks, and vet checked before leaving. (as long as there is no emergency with the vet’s office.)


F1 golden doodle is 50% golden Retriever and 50% Standard poodle. Their weights range from 60-65 Females and 70-80 males. Some can go every way on the weight range. The golden doodle breed is brilliant, loving, and quick to learn. They are very friendly; they never meet strangers and love to cuddle and play. Their coats can range from a straight jacket to a medium curl. They are usually low sheds. We have had no to medium sheds. Their coats require maintenance of brushing and grooming.
F1B is a Goldendoodle breed back to a poodle, which makes your pup 75% poodle and 25% golden retriever.  This makes pups smaller framed and lighter weight. Our puppies weight range from 45-55 females to 50-60 males. This gives the dogs a very low to no shed. Their coats are medium to tight curls. They will need to be brushed and groomed to maintain their appearance.