Available English Cream Golden Retrievers

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Ryder and Faith


Males 6 weeks

Girls 6 weeks

Deposit 400.00  if you use paypal there is 15.00 fee. All fees are the responsibility of new puppy owners. on the Golden Doodle, Golden Retrievers or Irish setters. Deposits are Non-refundable after pups are born. We offer shipping both ground and air for an extra fee. We use Pittsburgh International Airport. Shipping ranges from 450-500.

Submit your deposit here…deposits are non refundable after pups are born.

Full 100 % English Cream  prices are 2000 limited AKC  Registrations pets only. We offer  Full AKC registration  breeding and show rights for 3500 . Melissa always reserves 1st pick to keep improving the breeding program at Plumcreek Acres.

Males deposit

1. Dohar

2. patty and steve

3. Caleb



Female deposit


2. Chad

4 weeks old eating soft food and gaining weight. average weight 6lbs.





3.5 weeks old females

3.5 week old males



2 weeks old females

2 week old male



1 week old females

1 week old males