What food should we feed our new puppy?

I recommend Paw Tree  and suggest keeping puppy on the same food we feed. I also recommend signing up for auto-ship . You never run out and don’t need to remember to order.  Just adjust the shipping time frame as your puppies needs increase.

What is giardia ?

An intestinal infection caused by the giardia parasite. Very common and hard to prevent in puppy areas. See link

We take many precautions to prevent this , but it isn’t always 100% effective.


What is coccidiosis in dogs?

It is an intestinal tract infection caused by a single cell organism. Dogs can be carriers and have an out break when under stress.

How much exercise should my pup have

Exercise and more

Pet Health Insurance

Like most babies, puppies will have routine check ups by your Vet. Pups can get into trouble ex. (eating something they shouldn’t) and need emergency vet care. Like all things vet care can be expensive. I recommend Healthy Paws pet insurance because they have been the #1 pet insurance for 3 years.

What is OFA? Why must we have a preliminary done?

OFA is Orthopedic Foundation for Animals. The preliminary x-rays are done to screen future breeding stock, show dogs, or hunting dogs. Visit the website here.

A preliminary x-ray can be done as early as  4 months. If a dog is found to be dysplastic at an early age, the economic loss on training, handling is minimized and the emotional loss reduced. The X-ray is read by an OFA veterinary radiologist. The same hip grades are given to preliminary cases. A recent publication shows that preliminary OFA grades are effective in scoring hips. The closer to a rating of  2 the greater the percent of having the same permanent  grade score.

I do preliminary OFA because I don’t have a local vet that does the PENN hip. Penn hip can be done at an early age and can be a part of their permanent AKC record. I am hoping to find a local vet soon to offer Penn hip.

What is PRA 1 & 2? Why do we test for it?

Progressive Retinal Atrophy is a eye disease that causes vision loss and eventually blindness. We screen our breeding/show dog with a DNA test. All of our dogs are clear and so will all their offspring. Visit the website here.

What is Golden Retriever Muscular Dystrophy?

GRMD is a mutation of the dystrophin gene that causes a deficiency of the dystrophin protein. The lack of dystrophin protein leads to the progressive degeneration of skeletal and cardiac muscles.  We screen all show/breeding dogs and are clear of GRMD. Click here for more info.

What is Ichthyosis? What does the test results mean?

Ichthyosis is an autosomal recessive genetic mutation that affects the skin of golden retrievers. It gets its name from the fish like scales. Ichthyosis is not itchy but does causes excessive flaking. The only way a dog would suffer from the condition is if it is DNA tested affected.  Even then the dog may not have signs. Therefore the only way to make sure your pup will not suffer from ichthyosis is to make sure the pup is clear or a carrier. Click here for more info.

What is Von Willebrand’s Disease (vWD1) & do we test for it?

It is an inherited bleeding disorder that inhibits the normal blood clotting process, causing prolonged bleeding. I have tested my Standard poodle,  he is clear. Click here for more information.

What is Neonatal Encephalopathy with Seizures (NEWS)? Do we test for it?

Genetic disorder that is fatal to pups. It is a recessive gene.  Both parents have to be carriers for you to get an effective pup. Our male is tested and is clear. He is safe to breed with any Poodle or Golden Retriever. Click here for more information.

What is Degenerative Myelopathy (DM). Why do we test for it?

This is another hereditary disease that both parents must have to pass on a defective gene. It is a progressive neurological disorder that affects the spinal cord of dogs. The disease often begins with an unsteady gait. It usually occurs later in life around age 8. My male is a carrier and should only be bred to tested and clear Poodles and Golden Retrievers. Click here for more information.

Safe Household meds for pets.

For the times pets get sick in the middle of the night or on weekends and there isn’t a vet on call. This is a nice reference for safe over the counter meds and doses we can give our pets. Remember this is just a reference and always contact your vet first. Click here for more information.

Reasons not to spay or neutered before 12 months.

Our pups are sold with the understanding that they will not be spayed or neutered before they are 12 months. Click here for more information.

What Vaccines should my new puppy have and when do I give them?

Hit tab below, It is a break down to the vaccines and schedule. Remember to ask your vet what is best for your pet and your area. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Click here for more information.

How often should I de-worm my puppy.

We de-worm our puppies every 2 weeks and up until 12 weeks . Then once a month until 6 months of age then twice a year. We do de-worm breeding females before breeding and right before delivery. Then they follow their puppies de-worming schedule. Click here for more information.