Coming Home

What comes with your pup?

  • AKC/ CKC registration.
  • 2 year limited warranty on good health if pup stays on pawTree food.
  • Vet Check.
  • Health Report/Vaccine Record.
  • Micro Chip.
  • pawTree food
  • Bloom Supplement.
  • Scent toy
  • Puppy Info Pack.
  • Leash & Collar.
  • 30 days free health ins

Why a Plumcreek acres pup?

  • Breeder with over 25 yrs experience.
  • Health tested parents.
  • Socialized pups.
  • 24 hour support even after you have brought your baby home.

Things you will need!

when you pick up pup bring old towel and small crate or laundry basket to keep pup in .

  • Preorder your puppy food We recommend staying on the pawTree food. We do the work to insure you have a genetically sound dog , we start them on the right path to longevity with proper nutrition from the womb to your home. It is up to you to follow through. We believe in proper nutrition your warranty is voided if not on the pawTree food. order here   
  • we recommend ez ship set up 5-6 weeks you can always edit your order. The company has a money back guarantee .
  • Water & Food Bowls.
  • if you have town or city water get some bottle water to slowly transfer them over to city from our spring water.
  • Crate medium in size .
  • exercise pens work nice if you work away from home.
  • Toys. stay away from rope toys
  • Scent Blanket.
  • Pet Health Insurance.
  • Pee Pads if you choose.

Things we will go over at pick up date.


puppy schedule





effects of early s/n

safe over the counter meds

food we feed


Things to remember about puppies!

  • They are babies that will cry when put them in their crate until they get into a routine.
  • They will have accidents.
  • They can get into trouble if not watched.
  • Like children they need a routine, love  and health care.
  • They will love you unconditionally,  remember to do the same for them.
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