Golden Retrievers for Sale in Ohio

Whether you are a Bengles or Brown fan, all the great people of Ohio State can agree that  Plumcreek Acres Golden Retrievers are the best. If you want to feel like you just had a pick-six to win the Super Bowl with only seconds left in the 4th quarter, you can have that every day when you own a Plumcreek Acres Golden Retriever. They are always there to greet you and make you feel like a million bucks. 

Plumcreek Acres’ Golden Retrievers are found in homes all across the great state of Ohio.  You can find them in farmlands running the fields alongside a tractor or in the inner cities strutting their beautiful golden coats on their evening walks. Golden retrievers are a great family pet. They are almost human-like. You can nearly tell what they are thinking with their soulful eyes.

English Cream Golden Retrievers for Sale in Ohio

I have been raising this incredible breed of English Cream Golden Retrievers for 11 years and the American Golden Retriever for six years before that. The Golden Retriever was developed in 1860 in Great Britain to hunt game birds on land or water. Their instincts are still strong after all these years. The Golden Retriever can play fetch for hours. Golden retrievers are great family pets and love children. I have raised this breed of Golden Retriever alongside my children for years. They are just such great family pets and great emotional support dogs. They are brilliant and do great as service dogs or to learn tricks for treats. Their beautiful coats are show-stopping. The time you spend doing the regular brushing is quality bonding time.  So, if you have a son, plan on going through a few footballs from the hours spent in the backyard playing a game of fetch. You might even have the next Joe Burrow in the making with all the hours of backyard fetch. Even if your child never plays professional football, his golden retriever from Plumcreek Acres will be his greatest fan. Contact us today!


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