Available Irish Setter Puppies

We are now taking applications and waiting list fees. The application and fee will place you on our waiting list for the breed and sex of your choice.  It is a 100.00 NO REFUNDABLE FEE with no exceptions. After each litter is born, we will contact families in the order of applications. You have 48 hours to decide if this is the suitable litter for you and to secure your pup with the remainder of the balance of the deposit. The balance is due at the time of pick up

Moose and Anna planned litter for April  ready to go home mid June. We are currently offering shipping to Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia in June. We have opening spots in litter and with shipper. We currently have 2 Males looking for their forever family.


Moose and Allis litter planned for mid July ready in September.

AKC Irish Setter breed standards

All timeframes are estimated to be two times a year, and being they are living animals, sometimes things go differently than we plan. The dog may not come into heat on schedule, may not conceive, and not all pregnancies will go to term. We can also have small litters. So, your patience is greatly appreciated. All good breeders have a waiting list. A quality dog is worth the wait.


Payment options are: Cash only

check 534 Ambrose rd Home PA 15747

Please text me before or after depositing so I can place you on the waiting list. Balance is due at the time of pick up. The preferred method is CASH …


Pups due September READY November




All pups receive the standard deworming every two weeks, Microchipped soon after birth for ID, vaccinated at six weeks, and vet checked before leaving.  ,” ( as long as there is no emergency in the vet’s office to cause cancellation.)

Remember to preorder your food. It is best to keep pups on the same food.

Recommendations for going home


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Nonrefundable total Deposit of $500 extra total price is $2000 balance due at pick up time—cash or Credit Card.

If the balance is paid with PayPal or a credit card, there is a 3.5% fee.

Pet Price limited AKC 2500          


  1. A Poem I wrote in honor of our Dan and Emma .
  2. An Irish Setter’s beauty is divine. The first time you see an Irish Setter run on the green grass, that moment for you will be set in time. They are quick on their feet but can stop on a dime when a bird goes by. Their coats will blow in the wind with a natural sun-kiss glow. Anyone who has had the pleasure of loving an Irish Setter will have felt the warmth of a pure heart. Their soulful eyes can see all humanity and know they were placed on this earth for all to treasure. There is no way to measure the love you feel for your Irish Setter or the love the Irish Setter has for their family. So, if you find yourself in a house or field with your Irish Setter, don’t forget to take time to enjoy the pleasure of owning one of the world’s greatest treasures—the pure-at-heart Irish Setter.