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Int/ Nat SR CH Int BOB CH Plumcreek’s Ballistic Bullet stud fee 1800

OFA: preliminary Fair
PRA 1 and 2: Clear by Parentage
Ichthyosis: Carrier
Stud service to approved females only.

ht 23 inches

wt 68lbs

Bullet is really maturing into an amazing dog. He is living up to his family tree of multiple International champions. Bullet’s mother is imported from Sunnyfield’s Kennel in Hungary. He is a proven breeder. He puts great coats, pigment and personality into his offspring. His height is 23 inches tall and weight is 73lbs. Bullet is a happy, ball chasing, creek swimming pup! He is happiest making his people happy. Bullet continues to please us. He went Best of Breed at the IABCA in New York.

Nat CH Plumcreek’s Epic Shotgun Ryder stud fee 2000




OFA: preliminary Excellent

OFA Hips good GR-123837G29m-pl


PRA 1 and 2: Clear by Parentage
Ichthyosis: Clear by Parentage

ht 23 inches

wt 68lbs

Ryder is a very well breed English Cream Golden Retriever. He is the son of UCI Int CH Montego Double Majik (Epic). Epic is an import from Australia with a long line of champion pedigree from multiple countries. Ryder mom is just as sweet she is UCI Int CH Lake Country’s Hope for the Future (Hope). Hope is from the good old USA. She is the daughter of champions and several generations after her are champions and health tested. We are excited to see what this stunning boy mature into. Ryder earned his Nat ch at IABCA in New York it was his first time in the ring. He will mature in to a super show dog. Look forward to seeing what the future holds for him.

Forte pedigree

TBC Diamond Jubilee Forte  is no longer available for stud fee. It is with great disappointment that Forte is sterile .

We are welcoming this big beautiful boy into our breeding program. We hope forte will add some size to our goldens. Forte is another well breed ECGR that we are proud to now owe. He will be an great addition to our program. Forte has a very lay back easy going personality.  He has a beautiful head and great gait. Cant wait to get him in the show ring. I look forward to seeing the quality of pups he will give use.

Forte ht 25 inches

weight 88 lbs

ICT clear

PRA clear

Hips Good prelims

Elbows Normal

Cardiac ofa clear GR-CA33768/13m/p-pl

Eyes of Plumcreek Shine on Goldset  stud fee 1500

AKA Dan the Man

Health Testing

clear by parentage PRA1and 2

Clear by parentage Clad

OFA Preliminary Excellent


Dan is a Very well breed boy that we imported in from Goldset of Romania. He is from Multiple dual country champions. He has a wonderful lay back personality. Dan is working on getting his Therapy Dog Title. Him and Bryce will be volunteering at many of our local nursing homes bring joy to all who meet him.

Plumcreek’s Mardi Gras A Parti stud fee 1500

Marty is a beautiful White & Red Parti Standard Poodle. He is 26 inches tall and weighs 75lbs. Marti produces abstract markings on his pups when bred to a solid color mother. Marty is a happy Standard poodle who loves water and playing fetch. He passes on his fun loving personality to his offspring. Marty’s pedigree is full of red and parti colors. You can find Gemstone, ID Jewels and Leather Stockings in his lines.

OFA: preliminary Excellent
PRA: Clear by Parentage
VWD: Clear

Home on the Range Djion (Shawn) fee 1500

Sable and White DOB 01/06/2017

Shawn came to us from Jim Bates at Red Dirt k9 . Shawn is very sweet . We look forward to all the colors he will add to our breeding program.

OFA Hips  Prelim Good

DNA tested

Degenerative Myelopathy                     CLEAR

GM2 Gangliosidosis (poodle type)        CLEAR

Neonatal Encephalopathy with seizure CLEAR

Osteochondrodysplasic                         CLEAR

Progessive Retonal Atrophy                  CLEAR

Von Willebrand Disease 1                      CLEAR

Coat Color tested

A Locas        Ay/Ay       Sable

B locas         b/b            (shawn has brown nose)

D locus        D/D            non dilute

E locus        E/e             Black (carries Yellow/red )

M locus       M/M            no Merle

K locus       Not tested but has to be ky/ky for the sable gene to show in coat.

S locus       s/s  or S/s     he is a parti or bold abstract so he carries the spoting gene

Shawn pedigree

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