Available Irish Doodles

Please shoot me a text at 724-541-7548 verify date and time you plan to pick up your sweet puppy.

Dont forget to order your food. Pups do best if they stay on current food.


1 male pup available Tommy Boy !!!!!!!!



Non refundable deposit 400.00 if you use paypal there is 15.00 fee Total 1500 solid and 1800 abstract . If balance is paid with Paypal or credit card there is 3.5 % fee.

We are know take deposit through cash app. please text melissa at 724-541-7548 and I will send the link for my cash app account. The reason no fees for either of us. 

                                                                                                                                                                      New litter of  Irish doodle are here . Lou and Marty have 4 girls and 5 boys all with abstract markings. 

All pups receive the standard deworming every 2 weeks, Microchipped soon after birth for ID , vaccinated at 6 weeks and vet checked before leaving .

4.5 weeks old boy are they growing. 


3.5 weeks old eating soft food.


2.5 weeks

1.5 week old eyes are staring to crack open.








The Irish doodle is the combination of Irish Setter and Poodle. These pups are an F1 witch means they are 50% Irish Setter and 50% Standard Poodle. Their weight will be around 50-55lb female 55-60lbs males . The Pups should have bold abstract marking on their rich red color. Low shed coat with a loose wave. The red in their coats shouldn’t fade. Irish Doodles don’t have the under coat like a golden doodle . Their coats will be finer silkier hair witch should help with lower shed and less mats.


Deposit is 400 either check or Paypal.

1.male Meagan  Luke

2. maleKevin pending Arron

3. Amy  Drew

4. Pat Alayna

5. Jill Jack

6. Bryce Jules

7. Kevin Maddy

8. Jack (pending)